Mean Girls – When Did It Come To This?

This morning I got up, blew my nose and grabbed the doggie for the daily stroll around my Brooklyn, NY block. Between the hours of 7A.M. and 9A.M., any urban neighborhood is normally quiet and uneventful, filled with early job-goers, fellow dog walkers and the occasional really late “walk of shame” that makes you chuckle. This morning was no different until I rounded the corner and did a double-take at the sign pictured above.

Apparently there is a war brewing on Jefferson Street in Bed-Stuy. Some teenage girl — judging from the handwriting and general composition — has set her sights on a young lady who lives on my block. But instead of the normal adolescent rumor-spreading, she decided to… post a sign on the street.

After taking the sign down and throwing it in the nearest trash can, my mind traveled back to the late ’90s when, while in high-school, I was the victim of many a crazy rumor. In hindsight, I realized that about 95% of stories were based in jealousy and my reluctance to ‘fit in’ but as a fly Parlourista in 2010, it’s all good. Thank God I had a mom who gave me daily doses of encouragement and reality.

Still, judging from the above, kids are not only still mean but these girls are pulling no punches. It’s sad.

Being HIV positive is no laughing matter in any situation, and whether it’s true or not in this girl’s case — it’s none of Brooklyn’s business. The real question is, how did it come to this? What was so bad on the block that someone trooped to the drugstore, bought paper, copied some pictures and grabbed two colored markers to make this public declaration? Was she actively spreading the disease, or did she wink at the wrong girl’s boyfriend? Regardless of the cause, when did kids ‘being mean’ get to this? And has the author ever heard of Facebook? Actually, wait, we’re glad she didn’t.

Go hug a little girl today.

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