New Blue, New Tunes! Common Releases The Classics

What do you do when you have: a)  Eight studio albums, b) a pretty extensive label contract and c) mad images of yourself? You release your greatest hits as a one-off! Ok, seriously, this girl makes no claim to know any of Common’s business, but I do know that judging from the tracklisting, GO Common Classics is a good primer for that little cousin of yours who still can’t understand “I Used To Love H.E.R.” (which, suspiciously isn’t on this compilation) and was born in the 90’s. Hey Rashid!

Release Date: May 25th


01 The Light
02 Universal Mind Control (UMC)
03 Next Time (Just Wright Version) [ft. Queen Latifah]
04 Go
05 Come Close [ft. Mary J. Blige]
06 I Want You
07 The Corner [ft. the Last Poets]
08 Erykah Badu: “Love of My Life (An Ode to Hip Hop) [ft. Common]”
09 Testify
10 The People
11 Drivin’ Me Wild [ft. Lily Allen]
12 Southside [ft. Kanye West]
13 The Bitch in Yoo

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