News Bites – T.I. Does ‘Larry King’, Bangkok Under Fire + More

T.I. does “Larry King” — the most logical media choice if you’re a rapper? I blame Chris Brown — peep the interview after the jump. “I was poor Larry,” says T.I. on why he began selling drugs. [WorldStar]

Bangkok is still crazy, two people have died and 45 are injured as authorities “move in” on the ‘red shirts’ protesters. [Guardian]

Nigeria, the world’s 12th-largest oil producer and the eighth-largest oil exporter, signs three refinery-$23 bn deal with China. Did you know with all that oil, Nigeria imports 85% of its fuel because of mismanagement of resources? Smh. [BBC]

We like this bag…if only we could justify it’s price. [BagSnob]

Cleveland Cavs — and Lebron James — lost to the Boston Celtics 94-85. Coming to NY now ‘Bron? [ESPN]

Greece’s financial downturn is still terrifying folks and decreasing the strength of the Euro. So now NYC is the next Greece? [NYT]

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