Rihanna Does Girl-on-Girl for ‘Te Amo’ Clip

I sometimes write for other places including Aol’s theBVX.com, where I wrote this:

Remember when Rihanna was marketed as the West Indian girl next door? Well, that was a long time ago and the pop star’s new ‘Te Amo’ clip proves that she isn’t regressing anytime soon. From GQ spreads to lesbian trysts, it’s all about being salacious — and stereotypical.

While we love Riri, we don’t love when she’s contrived and this video for ‘Te Amo’ is just that. To be fair, lesbian fantasies are hot and we support them — remember the Janet album? — however this clip feels more like a WalMart twist on the standard pop starlet girl-on-girl action. Not to mention, castle or not, the clip could have been shot much more elegantly.

From the beginning, as Riri writhes on the floor of her Robin Hood-esque mansion while her lover — and Victoria Secret model — humps her car outside, the cheese is obvious. It would’ve been better if the director had plucked a storyline from Showtime’s now-canceled lesbian drama, ‘The L Word’ and made Riri a real-life hetero trying out homosexuality, like Jenny’s character since that’s essentially the song’s lyrics. Instead…

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