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So The Love-In Begins. Sigh.

I think it’s fair to say that I’m not a Conservative (Tory girl). So the fact that we have a Tory-boy in charge here in the U.K. just devastates me. In fact I’m close to emigrating over to the States… at least until this ridiculous coalition government of Liberal Democrats and Conservatives finally falls to its knees.

It pains me, it really does!

Well there’s nowt we can do about it now. The picture above shows our new Prime Minister David Cameron (Conservatives) on the right, and our new Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrats) on the left.

Despite being enemies during the election, we’re now just meant to accept that they’re the best of friends and are able to run the country amicably. The whole thing just reminds me of a good ol’ English breakfast fry-up. Greasy, bad for your health, and leaving a horrible bitter taste in your mouth.




I would write more. But I’m, technically, in mourning. I’ve worn black for most of the week in mourning for the British common sense. If you happen to find it. Please affix it with a post-it note and send to the usual address.


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