‘The Wire,’ Realized — Cop Records Bed-Stuy Precint Convos

So, I saw this item this morning on Twitter and immediately thought of my favorite HBO show, “The Wire.”

For about one year, a New York City cop, Adrian Schoolcraft, recorded conversations in a Police Precint literally down the street from your fave Parlour ladies because he wanted to collect info against his superiors…then he realized that he’d rather just keep recording. The tapes confirm what most people of color already know, in addition to protecting and serving, street cops are desperately trying to create the illusion of safety for their superiors through numbers of arrests and citations. This means, if you’re coming home from a late night of work and your boyfriend wants to be a gentleman and meet you at the Nostrand A train station, it’s highly possible that he’ll either be arrested or harrassed by the time you arrive above ground.  They’ve got to “get their numbers,” right?

*Yes, that did happen to me, and yes, I’m sorry this post is so NYC-specific but geez…there has to be a better way to serve and protect.

Read the rest here: “The NYPD Tapes: Inside Bed-Stuy’s 81st Precint”

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