Travel Bites – Michelle, Mergers And Volcanoes

Michelle Obama X “Conde Nast Traveler” = must read. Ps, can we talk about the photoshop used on Michelle’s head? I’m not amused. [ Read More ]

It’s official, United Airlines is gobbling up Continental in a merger. What does this mean for you? Less choices = less competitive prices. I gave up my United Miles after they tried to play me on a trip to Brasil a few years ago and have refused to book with them since. But on the flip side, its more choices and more ways to maximize your miles as it will be the largest carrier now in the USA. Let’s see how this plays out. [ Read More ]

It’s truly all about the little things when you travel. So the best hotel WiFi should definitely count. Luckily, someone else had the time to rate it for us. [ Read More ]

After announcing that it would charge for carry-on bags (how smart), Spirit Airlines has introduced new seats on it’s planes. Newer, leather, lighter models…that don’t recline. At all. Seriously, at this point Spirit is making bus travel look good. [ Read More ]

Hopefully, you weren’t one of the thousands around the world held hostage due to the Icelandic volcano eruption. Here is a breakdown of lessons learned from that dizzying few days and tips on how to survive if you find yourself waaaay fashionable late. [ Read More ]

A five-day all-inclusive deal at the Ritz Carlton in Jamaica for under $1k? I’ll take that. [ Read More ]

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