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Who Won Britain’s 2010 Election? Umm, Well…No One Really

Britain finally went to the polls last week to choose the man who would lead the country for the next four years. Polls closed at 10pm Thursday night. And I wrote this at 9am Friday morning… and…well… no one really knows. So the contenders are: Gordon Brown, for Labour and our current Prime Minister. David Cameron for the Conservatives. And Nick Clegg for the Liberal Democrats.

We’ve got almost all the votes in, but the predictions are that we’re gonna have a “hung parliament.” It’s thought that the Conservatives will have 306 seats, and Labour and Lib Dems together will have 317 seats. Basically no single party has enough MPs — 326 — to win the top spot without the support of the other parties.

So Gordon Brown will still stay in power, but just until all the parties reach an agreement on who should form a coalition government. The likely port of call would be the Lib Dems. And seen as the Lib Dems lost seats yesterday, it would seem like the sensible thing for Nick Clegg to do.

BUT David Cameron could also be courting the Lib Dems.

Gosh… this is all rather exciting for us. Elections are normally so drab. This is my third election as a journalist, and I can’t remember people ever getting so excited before.

So when does this mess need to be sorted? Well the Queen’s speech in on May 25. In that speech, she’s meant to set out the aims of the current government. So… there really ought to be one by then. And to be honest, they’re all grown-ups so a decision should  be made within days.

However there is a chance we could end up back at the polls. If no coalition can be created, and no one party can gather enough support… then we could end up doing this all over again in a few months. But that would be costly. And time consuming.

Oooh but wouldn’t it be fun.

UPDATE: Labour MPs Urge Brown: Quit for the Party’s Sake

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