As French Muslim Girls Flock to Private School, Is the Burqa Ban Right?

Last year, we had a debate here on Parlour about whether France’s decision to ban the burqa, niqab and other Muslim garments that cover a woman’s face was fair to practicing members of Islam living in the European country. Some agreed with the ban in favor of visibility and some disagreed in favor of religious freedom. Ultimately now, France is experiencing the reaction to the ban, which is still in the stages of passing but well on its way, in public schools with the opening of several Muslim private schools.

Pictured above is Shainez Dib, who told Global Post that she waited on a long list for entrance into La Reussite, one of these institutions. After her mother advised her not to wear her veil to school although she was of age –  and the French Council of Ministers’ recent announcement that veils “cannot be tolerated in any public place” –  Dib decided public school wasn’t for her because the culture made wearing the veil a treat to be worn on the weekend, instead of a lasting piece of her religious culture.


Do you think France is going too far with the ban, or do you agree with President Sarkozy’s push to ‘free womens’ faces?’

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