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Barcelona’s Sonar Music Festival Opens for Kids

Image and video hosting by TinyPicThis past weekend Barcelona celebrated the second Edition of Sonar Kids, a festival created by the geniuses of the electronic party for adults, Sonar.
For the last 18 years the Sonar Barcelona Festival of Advance Music and Multimedia Art has attracted adult fans of electronic music and industry folk to learn, do business and party. However I suppose after 18 years the Sonar organizers recognized that the kids who attended the festival when it began are now grown, with families of their own. In addition, to my knowledge, there weren’t any festivals where mamas and papas could enjoy music culture with their rock-star offspring until Sonar Kids. This isn’t too odd though considering that historically, music seems to widen the divide between kids and their parents instead of bringing them closer together.

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Parents and kids enjoying a concert

For example, I know it wasn’t until I got older that I could enjoy a jazz concert with my pops. I am sure my taste in music, like many of us, was influenced early on by what my parents listened to but as I matured and music changed, my tastes became independent.

Though its common to see a group of teens chaperoned by a parent at a concert today and, in some cases, mom or dad might enjoy the music,  each age group’s experience is different. That is to say, a teen girl with her pals at a Jonas Brothers concert is having an amazing time, and mom is happy because her teenage daughter is enjoying herself. In any case, now that I have a growing circle of friends that are new parents, family friendly events are fundamental to us hanging out.

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Hip-Hop dance class

At Sonar Kids, hundreds of budding music geniuses attended at two major public cultural spaces here in Barcelona. The two-day program included cool concerts with a concert stage built to suit the height of little tykes and creative interactive seminars like the DJ workshop, hip-hop dance class, skateboard instruction and urban art/mural painting.

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Learning how to skate at the skateboard taller

Next weekend is the Sonar festival for adults but after checking out the kiddie version , I think I might like this one better and I don’t even have any niños!

-Espana Fly

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