Barcelona Clinic Claims to Cure Homosexuality


According to the news, the local Spanish government is researching claims of that a clinic, through certain therapies, can cure homosexuality. Who knew that a pill and a little one-on-one therapy could change someone’s orientation? According to one of the participating psychiatrists that work with patients at the Policlinica Tibidabo, 99% of people would take a pill if they knew it could make them miraculously heterosexual.
That statement sounds ridiculous especially considering the thriving gay population in Barcelona, most of who are proud and outspoken about their homosexuality. Not surprisingly, it seems as though the majority of the patients who attend the clinic are impressionable teens that are conflicted because of their religious beliefs. They are coming to the center as a sort of religious confession and to find a solution for their emotional quandary. I would assume this is quite normal for many teens discovering their homosexuality however it’s scary to think that they are seeking help from a clinic that seems to be brainwashing and dosing them with drugs that suppress their sexual desire and calling it treatment.

Thankfully, the Consejera de Salud, Marina Geli, is on the job investigating this Policlinica Tibidabo as well as other psychiatric centers that utilize medical solutions to treat sexual orientation. The Health Department has a month to gather information about the activities of the Policlinica Tibiado and similar centers and if it is confirmed that they are in fact offering treatments to ‘’change’’ sexual orientation there will be economic sanctions. To read more on this subject check out this link.

Ironically, this month marks the annual Gay Pride Barcelona Week. Maybe they’ll opt to change the parade route to pass by the clinic in Tibidabo or better yet, maybe some of the clinic’s doctors will infiltrate the parade and pass out suppressants camouflaged as condoms. In BCN, anything is possible.

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