Body Politics: Namibian Women Suing Over Sudden Sterilizations

Imagine this. You are found to be HIV positive and go to the hospital only to leave and discover that you have been sterilized under the guise of “treatment.” For a growing number of women in the African country of Namibia, that is precisely the case. Protest marches are mounting around the globe in support of the women who have filed suit against the government for compensation.
Seeing how that with proper treatment, babies conceived and birthed by HIV positive women have a good chance of being HIV negative, why is this happening now? Lack of HIV information to global medical communities is a good start. This entire issue brings to mind a deeper issue, the consistent “outside ownership” of the black female body. I haven’t had lunch yet so I can’t even go there. Le sigh.
Namibia HIV Women Sue Over Sterilization
image: Mike Nonkes

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