BP Exec Says ‘Small People,’ Blames Language Barrier

Our immediate question is — where is your publicist or Jon Favreau to pen your off-the-cuff remarks to the American press in response to ruining the American Gulf?

Day off maybe? Bad timing vacationing PR person.

I guess I think  this rich person BP’s Swedish chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg’s slip-up is so funny because his faux-concern for the “small people” is so transparent and what politicians, like Sarah Palin, spoon out to the masses everyday. It’s just this particular rich person executive didn’t have the American, unoffensive translation of “real Americans” so he said “small people instead. And honestly, it’s that pandering approach — vagina aside, can you tell I don’t relate to Palin much? — that pisses me off and repels me even further.

Perhaps BP’s publicity team should a) hire an American firm and b) analyze American political speeches as their basis for telling the US bad news and escaping alive touting a career afterward.


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