Lakers Win 2010 NBA Championship, Celtics Fans Mourn

Those mourning Celtics fans? Yeah, that’s us. The Los Angeles Lakers beat the Boston Celtics 83-79 in Game 7 of the 2010 NBA Finals.

It almost hurt to watch Rondo’s 3-pointer in the last three minutes of the fourth quarter, because it gave the Celtics a chance — and me a near heart attack — only to be ripped away when Ray Allen’s 3-point arm was totally off and Paul Pierce wasn’t stepping up in the end.

Still, the Celts had fight in them. We respect that here at Parlour.

On the flipside, how can anyone ever bad mouth Ron “Queensbridge” Artest again? He was making more 3’s than Kobe and Jesus Shuttlesworth combined! Plus, Artest is just so nutty. The man thanked the projects he grew up in — Queensbridge — and his shrink in his “You just won the championship, what are you going to do now?” interview. Classic.

Of course we added video of his shout-outs to his wife and therapist below.

‘Til next year, ladies…

ps. so glad I was bamboozled into becoming a sports fan by Parlour Grandad and my bf.


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