Lil Wayne Compares Himself to Mandela, Wiz Khalifa’s ‘Mezmorized,’ ‘Up’ Clips and Trey Songz’ ‘Already Taken’

We’re still Wiz stans around here, so these “Mezmerize” and “Up” videos made me happy… especially after I heard Lil Wayne compare himself to Nelson Mandela on his “Light Up,” which will no doubt be added to Drake’s “Thank Me Later” LP. Sitting in jail didn’t give you enough time to realize what a blasphemous idea that reference was Dwyane? You’re in jail for holding an unlicensed firearm, not because you’re standing against years of apartheid. Beat it, Wayne. Seriously.

Listen — or download — his jail verse for yourself:


Am I wrong?

Peep the Wiz and Trey clips after the jump…


Wiz’s “Mezmorized”

Wiz’s “Up”

Trey Songz’s “Already Taken”

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