McDonald’s Promotes… Healthy Living?

Bevy Smith and BET host Alisha Renee at 'Newest Taste of McDonald's'

I know the title sounds random but I attended a McDonald’s event on Wednesday and instead of french fries, I got a massage. Seriously, Mickey D’s hosted a massage-manicure party to introduce their new fancy menu additions, Angus Snack Wrap and McCafe Smoothies, at their 48th Street and 6th Avenue location, hosted by lifestyle guru, Bevy Smith.

Partygoers enjoyed manicures and shirts-on massages, while we sampled the fast food — the McCafe Smoothies weren’t as good as Jamba Juice, but the golden arches get an ‘A’ for effort.

Ultimately, my fave part of the event was the chain’s revamped second floor, where freelancers like me can lounge on a couch comfortably and glance at the traffic on 6th Avenue while typing to the tune of free wifi. Hopefully their signal is strong.

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