More Proof That Girls Are Awesome

Well, at least in New York. According to today’s New York Times, if you were to peer into any of  the city’s hundreds of TAG (Talented And Gifted) classrooms, it’s a total girl-fest. Which basically confirms something that we’ve always known, girls do better in school than boys. And it appears it may have to do with a very natural trait for many of us, the gift of gab. Says writer Sharon Otterman:

Why more girls than boys enter the programs is unclear, though there are some theories. Among the most popular is the idea that young girls are favored by the standardized tests the city uses to determine admission to gifted programs, because they tend to be more verbal and socially mature at ages 4 and 5 when they sit for the hourlong exam.

Upside. Chatty girls rule. Downside? These little ladies will still probably make less than their male counterparts when they get older. Boo.

Gender Gap for the Gifted In City Schools {NYT}

Image: Katie Orlinsky/New York Times

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