New iPhone on Monday?

Word on the street says that despite leaks, and people leaving the devices in bars drunkenly, Apple’s Steve Jobs is rumored to introduce a new iPhone on Monday, June 7 at the company’s Worldwide Developer Conference.

In addition to the usual awesomeness like powerful browser and flash capabilities #blackberryjealousy, the new iPhone will have:

“…a front-facing video camera, multi-tasking, more capacity and better battery life.”

Unfortunately, if you were hoping to finally get your iPhone coverage through Verizon, that’s not happening according to an Apple spokeperson.

ps. Bakes has an iPhone & ‘Berry…I’ve got a Blackberry and I love it! Except when I have to use my bf’s iPhone to browse. =/

Geek out here: “Apple Users Expect a New iPhone Monday”

Bakes aka Shannon says: “Steely tries to front like she is team blackberry. BONKERS! She secretly can’t resist the temptation of the touch screen….step into the light my friend, step into the light!”

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