NewsBites — ‘Sex & The City 2’ at No. 3, Kelly Rowland’s ‘Commander,’ M.I.A. Bites Backs + More

Sex & The City 2 debuts at no. 3 at the box office this week. Does this make you sad? [Us Weekly]

Peep Kelly Rowland’s ‘Commander’ clip here.

CNN, the news channel that began stoically and has become increasingly ‘sexier’ with time through journalists like the sexually ambiguous Anderson Cooper, turns 30 years old. [Post-Gazette]

With the latest protests and deaths in Jamaica, the world realizes that the island is an influential drug port. [GlobalPost]

Part one) M.I.A. interviews with the NYT’s Lynn Hirschberg, now new Editor at V Magazine and appears to be a self-righteous faux tough political pop queen. Part two) M.I.A., livid, posts the writer’s phone number on Twitter, and uploads pieces of their interview. Part three) M.I.A. now hates stylists too… [Fashionista]

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