Drake ‘Thank Me Later,’ Parlour’s Review

Before you cop Drake’s ‘Thank Me Later’… get our critical opinion. You know you wanna…

“Sometimes I write for other places like Aol’s theBVX.com, this counts as one of those times…

Life for hip-hop’s most celebrated newcomer Drake is hard, or at least that’s the theme of his debut LP, “Thank Me Later.” Perhaps we’re jaded and intolerant of hip-hop’s current parking space in emo land or maybe the Young Money prince is just honest about the price of fame.

Though the “Thank Me Later” bootleg traveled around the web earlier this week yes we downloaded that, theBVX still attended Drake’s album listening where the young MC himself presented his music with some colorful commentary. For example, after nervously walking through the event’s crowd of journalists and retailers at Manhattan’s MRS Studios, Drake said “I’m honored ya’ll showed up… this evening.”

“I represent a bunch a kids that live life like every day is Woodstock and… love making music,” he continued. “I was influenced by a lot of things on this album, things that me and [my personal publicist] Oliver sit around talking about, like.. Nasir Jones and channel it in my own music. I was always very influenced by Jimi Hendrix, and [this album is about] my family and women which are the things, at 23, that control my life.”

Drake is only 23-years-old and sometimes we forget because of his huge star power. But truth be told, the MC’s age explains quite a bit about his opinion on life, relationships and stardom.”

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