The Parlour Guide to the Hottest World Cup Players, Pt. 2

So are you into it yet? As you already know, I love my footballers…and this weekend has been everything that a girl could ask for: mani/pedi, cocktails and non-stop cuties both on the pitch, and in the bars. Is it me or is the World Cup literally bringing out the best out in us? After watching Brasil smash Ivory Coast yesterday, some friends and I turned around to see that West Broadway in Soho NYC was literally crawling with beautiful people…or it could have been the 2 pitchers of sangria. Anyway, last week I indulged you with some cuties from the United States, Brasil and Cameroon…now let’s take it to Portugal, Ivory Coast and England.

above left: Jermain Defoe | Current Team: Tottenham Hotspur | Age: 27 | Likes ditzy-girls hot.

Ashley Cole | Current Team: Chelsea | Age: 29 | Should have never cheated on Cheryl Cole hot.

John Terry | Current Team: Chelsea | Age: 29 | Team Captain hot.

**note, Carlton Cole would have totally been on this list…but he is not playing, my heart is broken. He is R&B singer from the 90’s hot.


Cristiano Ronaldo | Current Team: Real Madrid | Age: 25 | Temper-tantrum throwing hot.

Tiago Mendes aka Tiago | Current Team: Atlético Madrid | Age: 29 | It’s all about the hair hot.


Didier Drogba| Current Team: Chelsea | Age: 32 | Clearly needs to rock corn-rows more often hot.

left: Kolo Touré | Current Team: Manchester City | Age: 28 | Like a younger Idris Elba hot.
Yaya Touré | Current Team: Barcelona | Age: 27 | Keeping it in the family hot.
ps. Yaya & Kolo are brothers

Up next: Mexico, Argentina and Sweden – Cheers Ladies!

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