‘True Blood’ Season Three Recap! – ‘I’m in No Mood for Lesbian Weirdness Tonight Pam’

Wow, the first episode of “True Blood” season three was worth the wait wasn’t it? We’re of course referring to Lafayette’s belted jersey dress, doo rag and feathered fedora combination. Didn’t you just miss him so? We’re also returning to our weekly recap of all things ”True Blood” — do you like it better on Fridays to prepare for Sunday, or Monday morning so you can vent immediately? Tell us please. Also, don’t forget to check out our Q&A with Tara, aka actress Rutina Wesley and our recap of season two’s finale. Now, for season three’s debut episode…

Unfortunately, Anna Paquin’s turn as Sookie is as annoying as it was last year, but we’ll deal since we heard that Tara is getting more of a storyline this season. But as usual, that’s not all!

-  “Conscious off, dick on!” says Andy to Jason after covering for him in the murder of Eggs. Yep, Tara’s Eggs.

– “[I’ve been] here with Yvetta” says Eric to Sookie after she interrupts his boinking of the Astonian stripper. “Doing this… for the last six hours?” Sookie says. “You sound surprised, is Bill’s stamina not up to snuff?” Eric retorts, showing off his uber long torso. *drools on self*


– “I’ve heard the water in Arkansas is very… hard,” says Bill to Sam in an extremely homo-erotic dream… or was it? Sam was definitely wearing a different shirt the next morning, after Bill asked him for his, but Bill was topless in the next shot. #confused

– Lafayette’s belted basketball jersey DRESS and topped off with a head wrap and feathered fedora? iCANT.

– “It’s just you and me now…” says Tara’s mom to Tara. Yikes, if she’s all Tara has, as she would say, she’s “fucked.”

– “Madness…” says the vampire Queen to Eric and the magistrate vamp (also known as JJ on “Big Love” — can you say cashing those HBO checks?) during the V selling conversation. Vamp Queen’s totally lying but her fur? WE WANT IT.

– “There’s a pussy overflow you’re gonna have to get used to!” says Jason to Hoyt at Merlotte’s.

– “I don’t know why people think I want to hear their problems, maybe I smile too much, maybe I wear too much pink…” says Pam to Lafayette while forcing him to sell what probably amounts to Noriega amounts of V overnight.


– What’s the deal with Mississippi? More werewolves there than Louisiana?

– Eric’s pushing V to get the Queen out of debt? What’s she in debt from, furs?

– Not a question, but we can’t wait to see Alcide the werewolf in action. He’s cute!

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