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Catalonia Bans Bullfighting, Fight Between Catalonia and Espana Continues

No way! Bye bye bullfights? Catalans have finally succeeding in banning something totally Spanish from the region. They’ve been trying to separate themselves from Spain for the longest, stating that this whole socialist government thing is for the bees since the rest of the country is reaping the benefits of their hard work. They claim they are the mules or, as we would say, the work-horses of the country. I don’t know if I believe that one bit. Visit any government office and I swear the funcionarios (government workers) are just as slow moving in Barcelona as anywhere else in the country or even in the US for that matter. Getting my visa is just like dealing with the folks at the American DMV.

Catalans have done a great job holding onto their separatist ideals, and I mean culturally, by making Catalan the official first language of the region. Hell if I knew that when I decided to come to Barcelona to learn Spanish. Who knew that the kiddies in class learn first is (drumroll)…. Catalan and then… Spanish! And let’s not even get started on the various laws they enforce upon businesses operating in the region.

In any case, this week the local parliament voted to ban bullfights in the region (1 for Catalonia, 0 Spain). There are plenty of Spaniards that believe the age-old tradition of spearing a bull is barbaric and should be relegated to the history books,which I happen to agree with, but others think Catalonia’s ban specifically has to do with their desire to become their own little nation. I’ve heard this stems all the way back to Franco’s persecution of Catalans by attempting to suppress their language and their specific culture. That was beyond wrong however, but the thought has left them with a major complex dividing them from their fellow countrymen.

So in 2012, La Monumental, once considered one of the grandest bull rings in the country, will only play host to live concerts and other spectacles like circus. I guess its no surprise, since its the only ring in the region where bullfights have been held in recent history and the other bullring that predates it is being turned into a mall. Not to mention over the years the number of bullfights have dropped all over the country but not because of protesters but for lack of money. The local governments that fund the events just haven’t had the dinero to foot the bill.

Well, now that it’s coming to an end, should I attend one fight in the famed La Monumental one last last time just to see with my own eyes that its as brutal as it appears to be? I still have a couple of years to decide.

-Espana Fly

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