FIFA Madness! España for the World Cup Win!

I’m American which means A) I’m not supposed to be a huge soccer fan and B) nor should I be rooting for any other team than my own when competing on the international stage.
I am huge football (European) fan. I grew up playing soccer and could have had part of my tuition paid for if I ‘d chosen to play sports instead of study art and culture. I practically killed my father when I, his daughter who could catch a football (American) and play baseball just as good or even better than any son he would never have, chose to study fine arts at a  prestigious and costly art institute instead of being a collegiate scholar-athlete. Fortunately, he survived the initial shock, I went on to make him proud with my creative skills and although I gave up playing football, I have remained a fan.

Ironically, now that I live in Europe and my city happens to have the best team in the Euro League, I don’t follow it as closely as one probably should when calling herself a fan. But whatever, the World Cup arrived a few weeks ago and the deep passion I have for the sport has certainly resurfaced. True to my red, white and blue roots, I rooted for my US boys. They played good maybe even better than expected but were sadly robbed of goals that could have moved them into the second round.


Get with the sporting technology that just about every other major sport relies upon. Moving on… I have only one choice now and that is to root for my new adopted home, Equipo Espana. I was initially reticent about it because they were chosen as the favorite to take it all before the Cup even started. Rooting for the top dogs right off the bat is boring. Furthermore, the futbolistas let their heads get a little too big early on resulting in their subpar playing. However they survived round after round way after Team America was booted and played a superb semi-final game against the powerhouse German team who has been kicking butt during the whole tournament.

I have to give it up to Espana. They deserve to be in the final game and this Sunday, I am pulling for them all the way. If they can do it, it will be the first World Cup Spain has ever won.

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