JetBlue Hearts American, Share Airline Miles

This could be a game-changer ladies.
I don’t know about you but I’m not a huge American fan. In fact, after they left me in Chicago during February after canceling my flight from New Orleans, I Miss Celie-Cavalier Owner cursed them. However Shannon and my cousin LOVE American because they’re always upgrading to first class, which jetBlue doesn’t have because it’s the people’s airline? Anyway, jetBlue and American have partnered up so that their customers can fly both airlines and rack up miles with their respective favorite.
What does this mean for you if you’re a Jetblue’er like me? We can upgrade to first class! Woot! Plus:

“Later this year – “ the airlines haven’t announced a specific date -” the frequent-flier portion will kick in.  American loyalists can get AAdvantage miles on jetBlue flights to 18 cities, from Portland, Maine, to Phoenix. JetBlue loyalists can get TrueBlue points on American flights to 13 international destinations, from Tokyo to Milan. The domestic part of the deal doesn’t cross over to big destinations, like Los Angeles and Fort Lauderdale. The international part includes heavily traveled routes like New York to both London and Paris.”

Did you see London and Paris? Yay! Someone call Virgin and tell them to get in on it too, because, let’s be honest, V. America is WAY better than jetBlue these days. *read: Get wifi JB!*


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