M.I.A. Goes Surburban?

So remember when the kinda awesome “semi-harsh” profile on M.I.A debuted in the New York Times? Well aside from her conflicting politics and crazy Diplo quotes, writer Lyn Hirschberg also touched on the fact that Maya is now residing in baller-heavy Brentwood, California with her uber-paid fiancé, Ben Bronfman, son of the Warner Music Group chief executive and Seagram’s heir Edgar Bronfman Jr. This lead to M.I.A. going to 4th grade levels of maturity by tweeting the writers personal phone number. Yeah.

Two months later, we have this supremely awesome look at what Maya’s life is like in Brentwood with the Bronfmans and her baby to the beat of “Paper Planes.” Enjoy after the jump!

The nanny’s facial expressions are priceless.

and with that said, i’m joining the American-Apparel clad masses tomorrow at the HARD NYC to see who? MIA of course!

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