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Barca’s Mellow Beach Club Opens: An España Fly Review

Though summer started late, things are heating up. We celebrated the vernal equinox and, with perfect timing, Mother Nature answered with calienté temperatures and the club gods bestowed us with one fine beach spot that is h-o-t — or if you happen to take up court on the covered outdoor terrace, beyond cool.

Mellow Beach Club by Custo (Spanish designer brand known for its outrageous printed apparel for men and women) opened up just a few weeks ago along with the M Restaurant. Located underneath the new W Hotel (La Vela), Mellow is literally steps from the sand and surf of Playa Bocana. The space is beautiful and oozes exclusivity, gente guapa (beautiful people), good music and a buena energia (good energy).

I visited during their pre-opening party and said to my party pal of the evening, ‘Finally someone had the idea and the funds to open a hip exclusive boite on the beach.’ There are plenty of others similar to Mellow in design like Opium Mar and Carpe Diem but they are overrun with, dare I say it, tourists, extranjeros, college exchange students and silly drunk dudes/dudettes celebrating their bachelor/bachelorette parties. No offense to all of the above because I have partied alongside all of them con mucho alegria (happily) but with age, I have become pickier about my surroundings.

I don’t need attitude or over-the-top audacity either, just something civilized and Mellow, so far, seems to fit the bill. My only gripe? The service this particular night was horrible. Patrons couldn’t order cocktails from the gigantic bar, forcing the new wait-staff to serve everyone personally. In theory, drinks arriving at your table is a delight but it’s best for the hotel to work out all the kinks before enforcing such a rule to a crowd of thirsty party-goers. But I will give Mellow the benefit of the doubt since it wasn’t “officially” open.

I have a reservation at M Restaurant for next week when my girlfriend visits from New York. If all goes well, she will go home raving about Barcelona’s flyness and I will make Mellow my summer spot.

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