It’s National Kissing Day – Share and Win!

They say there’s a holiday for everything, and today is no exception. It’s National Kissing Day, a tradition that started in the U.K. and has made its way across the pond. Naturally, I’m led to reminisce on my own kissing history, from the good (soft Eskimo kisses from my hubby in the morning) to the bad (the dude who was not my boyfriend, but snuck me in the middle of Times Square nonetheless) to the ugly (the cat who seemed to think kissing meant “bite her lips off”).
Though there was nothing that could have saved me from the face-biter, we want to give you a chance to improve your kissing history. Tell us about your worst kiss ever, and the teller of the most awful tale will win the new K-Y Yours+Mine Kissable Sensations so she can get to making new amazing foreplay memories.

I can’t tell you how it works, but a clinical study shows that it “increases anticipation and desire for intimacy.” I just know that both flavors—strawberry “Yours, for him” and chocolate “Mine, for her” are extra yummy, not at all sticky, and pretty damn hard to resist.

You have until Friday to share in the comments section below; we’ll confer behind the scenes and announce the winner next week!

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