NewsBites – Cassie in St. Tropez, Spain Bans Bullfighting in Catalonia + More

Cassie sports blonde hair and a body con dress in St. Tropez. [ThatGrapeJuice]

Spain bans bullfighting in their Catalonia region, probably also stopping quite a bit of the tourist economy while saving animals. [WallStreetJournal]

Kanye West performs a few songs for the Facebook offices. That’s right, we said, the FACEBOOK offices. Watch it after the jump. [MissInfo]

Wait, because we’re black we’re not allowed to swim? We can only run? LaToya Peterson breaks it down. [Racialicious]

Is Terrell Owens done after signing deal with Cinncinati Bengals to play with reality co-star Ocho Cinco. [USAtoday]

Don’t forget about Kanye after the jump!

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