NewsBites – Words From Castro, News on Unemployment + More

The Middle East is on the verge of a nuclear war triggered by a US attack on Iran in the name of preventing the country from developing its own weapons, according to ageing Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro. [Guardian]

In the coming weeks, the Senate will resume its debate about extending the emergency jobless benefits passed in response to the steep increase in unemployment caused by the recession. [WaPo]

BP has successfully lowered a new containment cap onto its leaking well, its latest attempt to control the gushing oil since the start of the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico 84 days ago. [ABC]

On Monday, the Swiss Justice Ministry rejected the U.S.’s request for extradition of film director Roman Polanski, which means he’s now free. [CNN]

The Uganda bomb, which killed 74 at World Cup parties, may signal a new theater for Islamic terrorism. [Newsweek]

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