Relative Luxury Vacationing at Mom’s House

It’s almost August and here in Barca, that means vacation. All of my BCN friends are at their wits end right about now trying their best just to suck it up and make it through these last few days of work. Most will be boarding planes towards exotic destinations like Thailand and Peru. The few that are staying in town will be taking advantage of Iberia Airlines’ 10€ promotion for day-trips within Spain. In either scenario, their plans sound fantastic. Mine, however seem exponentially better.

Yes, I want to spend seven days at the Surf Goddess retreat in Bali, hike Machu Pichu and visit other popular Spanish sites like the Alhambra in Granada, but this summer I have chosen to take a break. Well kind of.

Instead of going of on some wild summer adventure, which the matador (boyfriend) and I usually plan, I will be going… HOME! And I couldn’t be more thrilled about the prospect of visiting with family and old friends. I know the places I’ll be visiting (Charlotte, Atlanta and Los Angeles) aren’t necessarily on the European travel radar, except for possibly Los Angeles. But nevertheless for the last few weeks I’ve actually been bragging about my trip as if I was jetting off to St. Tropez.

Hitting a few balls with my dad at the driving range, watching my 9-year-old niece compete in the Water Polo Junior Olympics or meeting for the first time the children of some of my oldest friends for me will be just as satisfying as relaxing on a hammock on some deserted beach in Indonesia. Furthermore, the 5-star treatment that I receive when I am home is on-par or even better than what any top resort offers. I’ll get to have my favorite meals without fretting about about how much of a tip to leave. I’ll be in familiar environments and I’ll make new discoveries as returning home after a long stint away is always an adventure. Some of the sights will most likely include a new home purchased by a friend, the yoga studio where my mom attends class and the farmer’s market where my sister likes to shop. Boring for some but for me it’s a pure luxury.

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