The-Dream Lied to Us, Separates from Wife Christina Milian

OK. Those who read Parlour know that we’re not gossip-mongers. We’re real ’round these parts and like for others to keep it one hundred with us as well. However, we did an interview with one Terius Nash — yeah you Dream — and he lied to our face (via cellphone of course) when we asked him if he was stepping out on wife Christina Milian, saying:

PARLOUR: We recently saw a rumor that you and wife Christina are experiencing issues because you’ve been unfaithful on camera. True?

The-Dream: The rumors are not true and it really boils my blood. Christina and I are cool. People keep asking, ‘Why haven’t we seen you guys out together?’ I’m working, that’s why you haven’t seen us. She’s at work too in Los Angeles. The women in the pictures are actually legitimate friends of mine. The photo with me in the car and another woman, she’s a good friend who’s at my house all the time. It’s sad, because [the blogs] have humiliated her. She feels bad, I feel bad and you don’t know what that [judgement] does to that person. Who takes responsibility for that? I understand freedom of speech but if I made my living spreading rumors about people, my family wouldn’t claim me.

Then we see the image above this morning … are you serious Terius?

We liked you!



more images at, sigh.

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