DJ Kaye Dunaway’s Grooves: THROWBACK!

That’s right ladies, we’re baaaaaack. It’s been awhile but we’re returning with nice jams to rock you through summer’s final warm days. This week, it’s the Atlanta-based DJ Kaye Dunaway. We first learned about Ms. Dunaway in 2006 while listening to a Core DJ’s mixtape and we couldn’t stop grooving to her song selection. So we tracked her down, asked her a few questions and for a mix which you can listen to after the jump. Enjoy and if you know any DJ’s that we should know about, email us at!

PARLOUR: Born and raised?

DJ Kaye Dunaway: I was born in Chicago, Illinois but raise all over as a military brat. I’ve lived so many places, from Texas to Tennessee or Germany to Greece.

How did you start spinning?

My Father is a DJ so I’ve basically been around turntables since I was a baby. It was just a matter of before I started messing around with ’em.

What’s your favorite song to play at the height of the party?

I live in Atlanta so the hottest song of the night right now is “Show Out” by Roscoe Dash.

What did you want to be when you were little?

I wanted to be a fashion designer! I used to draw cartoons of women wearing my designs!  I should have kept at it (smile).

Who are you DJ idols?

My DJ Idols are Cocoa Chanelle, Jazzy Jeff and DJ AM (RIP).

Who is the most interesting person in the world?

Lady Gaga because she is just uninhibited and she’s the shit!

What’s your favorite country to visit outside of America?


What’s your favorite saying?

If God is with you, then no one can be against you.

What piece of clothing do you wear everyday, barring undies?

My big hoop earrings!

What’s the last thing you bought to wear?

More hoop earrings! No seriously. Ha ha!

What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?

I just love to chill out on Sunday nights with my sister, while eating Hostess chocolate cupcakes and watching “True Blood.”

What’s your favorite movie?

“40 Year Old Virgin.”

What are your favorite five songs at the moment?

Roscoe Dash’s “Show Out,” Drake’s “Over,” Mika Means’ “Work That,” Erykah Badu’s “Window Seat,” Rocko’s “Maybe.”

What’s your definition of a good day?

I try to make any day a good day. I’m thankful for every day that God wakes me up! Rain or shine, I’m here and loving it!

Check Kaye Dunaway’s Parlour mix “The Beautiful, The Naked, The Classics” here!


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