‘True Blood’ Recap!: Franklin, You’re a Huge Freak

We promise that “True Blood” is just geting quirkier and quirkier. From Tara flirting with Russell’s boo Talbot to Eric’s viking flashback, ish is getting real. Ironically, Sookie’s not really the focus of this season and specifically this episode ‘Trouble”… anyone else notice that? There’s just too much going on in the background to solely pay attention to Sook, which is unfortunate because we could really go for some more sexually tense topless moments with Alcide #justsayin.

As usual, that’s not it so GIVE US COMMENTS!

– What is going on here… Help me! – Tara says to a bloody-faced Bill, in Russell’s house as Franklin lurks in the background.

– No – Bill to Tara. Damn son

– Franklin, you’re a huge freak. – Russell

– Russell was right… You tiresome cow – Bill to Lorena

– We were great together when she wasn’t drinking or cheatin – Alcide to Sookie. Um, what do you need to see to get over Debbie Pelt, Alicide?

– Hellooooo, have we met? – Russell’s boyfriend to Eric

– He’s not missing & he’s way too square to deal V – Russell’s BF

– If anyone finds out about … Debbie to Alcide. What is she talking about?

– You’re fucking my wolf bitch, in my house … I will fuck you up! I will cut you – Debbie, this is awesome, because we say this in some form on a regular basis. OK, without the “wolf ” and “in my house” portion, but we ain’t playin’ and neither is Debbie.

– You have a text message ‘bitch, where are you’? – Franklin to Tara. LOL! We love that we instantly knew that text was from Lafeyette. Is it curious to anyone else that he hasn’t come looking for Tara yet?

– Watch how fast I type ‘motherfucker’! – Franklin. SMH.

– Acting Sheriff Andy Belfleur would you come out here please! – Kenya, love her. She’s the smartest black woman on this show. Heart.

– I’m moving in with Arlene – Terry

– She’s a lil’ crazy, but so are you – Sam to Terry

– Have a great day Sam – Sam’s daddy to Sam. That wasn’t ominous… What’s his angle besides being shady?

– Alcide growling? HOT.

– Jason falling out of the desk chair while bored at his “police job”? LOL!

– That’s good I guess, that’s her style for sure? – Lafeyette on his mama, aka Alfre Woodard (shut up!)

– I’ll hang, it’s only nine hours … after you – Hot Nurse to Lafeyette. OW! (Note: he’s another “Ugly Betty” actor, remember Justin’s daddy?)

– Jason shirtless at anytime? WIN. And he saw Crystal from Hot Shot, let’s get it crackin! #didyoureadthebooks?

– Hoyt brings a new date to Merlotte’s… #trouble

– Sam’s brother Tommy kicking it to baby vamp Jessica? That can’t end well.

– I can’t be looking at folk with all that grease flying around the kitchen … but I saw you – Lafeyette to Hot Nurse.

– I shouldn’t be anywhere near you … – Crystal to Jason.

– Don’t be a hero Viking – Russell after he kills Eric’s dad.

– Sookie flashes the face of the lead werewolf (aka Wilhemina Slater’s boo Connor) with a bright blue light. Besides randomly reminds us of that crap poem Nia Long reads at the end of Loves Jones this sitch highlights another instance of “what the hell is Sookie exactly?”


Who else thought Queen (c) Halle Berry when Tara was running for her life?

Aw, it’s obvious that Lafeyette’s forgotten how to be courted when the Hot Nurse stops by to say hello and he gets all drug dealer street on him. Are you scared that Hot Nurse will end up dead as collateral vamp blood dealing damage?

Sookie’s mysterious powers keep creeping up don’t they?

So Russell’s not only heading up these blood head wolves but he’s also a pillager from way back in the Viking days? SMH. How’s this supposed to end?

We appreciate Tara finally getting smart and flirting back with Franklin so at some point she can escape but dude, how’s she supposed to beat it before he tries to turn her?

At what point is Arlene going to tell Terry the baby is Renee’s?

One more thing? Make the post-mortem’s stop… Thanks.


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