Waka Flocka’s ‘Hard In The Paint’, Blackmilk + Swizz Managing Alicia Keys?

Check my reaction here, either way this song jams when you don’t feel like thinking, are on the way to rough someone up or are just in Miami for no other reason than debauchery.

+ Here’s Blackmilk’s “Welcome (Gotta Go),” totally forgot to post this awhile ago #catchup!


As for Alicia Keys, after parting ways with the hilarious Jeff Robinson to “manage her own affairs” the gossip mills say Swizz is managing her now? I mean… what? I sincerely hope that’s not true because it’s just never a good idea mixing management and love unless it’s Mary J. Blige and Kendu, however those two began on even ground. This Swizz x AK thing is all types of rocky. #justsayin

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