Whoopi Says She ‘Didn’t Defend Mel Gibson,’ We’re Confused

So yesterday this happened, and now “The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg who we love because the @ParlourMagazine Granny loved her says she didn’t defend Mel Gibson’s crazy statements on yesterday’s show. Thanks for the heads up ladies of Clutch.

You ready to judge? Of course you are! Here’s what she said yesterday after the jump.

Now, as we said yesterday, it’s cool to have your own opinion. But on the flip, you can’t really be upset if other people have one as well. While the people who called Whoopi’s assistant and probably tried to fight her a la A.Keys’ “Unthinkable” are out of line, their opinions aren’t. Just like Whoopi’s isn’t.

Technically, it’s all free speech, even when we don’t want to hear it.


I watched her clip on “The View” this morning and as an avid viewer of the show, I’ve got to say that Whoop, you’re just fucking WRONG. And if a person of a different race cuts me off in traffic, I don’t call them racist expletives… you know why? Because it’s wrong. Maybe this is some old NYC practice of pedestrian racism that I don’t understand because I’m a Californian, but honestly, please be quiet Whoop before I have to boycott you and “The View” that I love so much.

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