Whoopi Says She ‘Didn’t Defend Mel Gibson,’ We’re Confused

So yesterday this happened, and now “The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg who we love because the @ParlourMagazine Granny loved her says she didn’t defend Mel Gibson’s crazy statements on yesterday’s show. Thanks for the heads up ladies of Clutch.

You ready to judge? Of course you are! Here’s what she said yesterday after the jump.

Now, as we said yesterday, it’s cool to have your own opinion. But on the flip, you can’t really be upset if other people have one as well. While the people who called Whoopi’s assistant and probably tried to fight her a la A.Keys’ “Unthinkable” are out of line, their opinions aren’t. Just like Whoopi’s isn’t.

Technically, it’s all free speech, even when we don’t want to hear it.


I watched her clip on “The View” this morning and as an avid viewer of the show, I’ve got to say that Whoop, you’re just fucking WRONG. And if a person of a different race cuts me off in traffic, I don’t call them racist expletives… you know why? Because it’s wrong. Maybe this is some old NYC practice of pedestrian racism that I don’t understand because I’m a Californian, but honestly, please be quiet Whoop before I have to boycott you and “The View” that I love so much.

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  • ummm, don’t put that on nyc. that’s all whoopi. maybe it has something to do with her long-standing history of dating white men. maybe in their relationships, accenting conversations with racial epithets was foreplay. i don’t know. all i’m saying is, don’t put that on nyc. and for the record, whoopi has always held a special place in my heart because of her portrayal of celie and her earlier movies but this is just wrong.

  • Ayo

    I agree! I’m a sista and I don’t think Mel is racist. I know I’ve said and done some SHIT, especially when I’ve been upset or felt offended or had my ego-bruised. What I’ve said and done is on par or hell, may be worse than what Mel’s recorded as saying. I think Mel’s a reflection of our society. We need to control our anger and let our ego’s go.

  • Ayo

    P.S. What else is going on in the world that we’re missing? This coverage is a distraction! People love a lot of hip hop moguls who’ve done more damage than Mel’s comments ever but don’t stand up to them! Still in awe and taking pix with them! (I see you Sherry Shepherd) People are so, so … interesting!

  • while i agree that people tend to get reckless when they are angry, that does not excuse what is said. if when you get angry, you start spewing all kinds of hateful things, it was always in your heart. those hateful thoughts didn’t just come out of nowhere. i don’t understand how “a pack of niggers” could be understood as anything but racist. and whoopi’s reasoning sounds eerily like someone who’s been told that she’s not like the rest of them (read: she’s one of the good ones, said by a white person that is quick to exclaim that one of his closest friends is black). but honestly, the mel gibson rants are less about racism and more about domestic violence. you can be angry all you want but threatening someone’s life, waiting/wanting them to get raped is wrong.

  • justfood4thought

    @asha Umm, I’m a New Yorker who’s married to a white man. We’ve been together over 8 years, and he’s never called me a name much less a racial slur. I consider Mel’s remarks racist, misogynistic, abusive, and a lot of other things.

    “maybe in their relationships, accenting conversations with racial epithets was foreplay”

    Most people who publicly degrade black women are black men (Slim Thug, Yung Berg, Ochocinco, DL Hughley, rappers in general, etc.). Some enjoy debasing black women so much that they put it to music and video, call it “rap,” market it worldwide (including to kids), and gain a fortune off of it. With that in mind, should I assume black men call black women “gold-digging, booty-shaking ___” in bed – or should I be intelligent and not stereotype people and relationships? It’s kind of ironic, though, when I think that had Mel sold his words as lyrics to rappers rather than saying them to his white wife, he’d be much richer now rather than completely disgraced. People tend to get angry when WHITE women are abused and dishonored (Mel’s wife) and when racist remarks (“pack of wild N*s) are made about black MEN – but when it’s black women being degraded, the silence (even from other black women) is defeaning.

  • i was not referring to all black women who date/marry white men, justfood4thought. i was specifically speaking about whoopi goldberg, who in the past has felt the need to defend her then-boyfriend ted danson for appearing in blackface and who in the original quote implied that it’s common and acceptable for new york drivers to first go for racial slurs during an episode of road rage. my comment was not to put that on new york, just as i would not ascribe the mentality of any group to the whole. i also made it a point of saying that the mel gibson incident was more about domestic violence and less about racism. i agree with most of what you said about the degradation of black women by black men but this is not that discussion. whoopi’s comments are not even the focus.