Why LeBron James Hysteria Trumps the Oscar Grant Verdict…

Honestly, I’m not sure why I’m supposed to care more about LeBron James than the late Oscar Grant. All I can say as a Bay Area girl is that the juxtaposition of these two news items, LeBron going to whatever NBA team he chooses and the verdict of the officer accused of killing a young black man on BART, and the lack of attention the latter is receiving in comparison to the former is sad.

But we’re all adults.

We know how the world works. Entertainment trumps hard news every time. Unless folks in Oakland start burning it down, we probably won’t hear too much more about the Grant, where the BART cop was convicted of involuntary manslaughter which garners him four years in jail max. The sad thing is, I’m actually happy he got that much.

I’ve been beaten by the police in Oakland, have sued and won, but that police squad is something to be reckoned with. I remember the reaction to the Sean Bell case here in NYC — barely anything from the black folks here outside of that small “march” organized by Al Sharpton. Not saying people should ever riot, but I understand.

Here’s a thought — wouldn’t it be cool if LeBron pulled a Kanye and mentioned that the Oscar Grant verdict was bullshit in the middle of his ESPN “special”?

How do you feel about this Oscar Grant verdict? And, do you care where LeBron even goes?

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