Even First Ladies Need A Break

Seeing that it is now August, many of us are planning, or underway with our annual vacation plans. Here in the US most of us are confined to just a week or two, while our European counterparts generally take 3 weeks or more off traditionally. Either way, many of us around the world are taking in new sights, sounds and experiences, including Michelle and Sasha Obama, the First Lady and (one of) Daughter of the United States.

So why is everyone’s collective panty up their ass?
It seems like every major media outlet such as CBS News and the historically biased New York Daily News are covering or offering their share or criticism for what is being reported as a “lavish” vacation. A vacation that has been paid for with both private and public monies.

The simple breakdown is this. The Obama’s private finances are covering their expenses, while taxpayer money is used to pay for the security and usage of Air Force Two. However, this is quite normal and has happened with previous administrations. No matter if Michelle went to Spain or to South Carolina, taxpayer money has always been used to pay for Secret Service security and associated transportation costs for the first family. When you think about it, it’s a pretty relaxed perk for being the publicly elected leader of the most powerful nation on earth and the burden of responsibility it comes with. So what makes the Obama’s so different?

According to Andrea Tantaros of the New York Daily News, Michelle Obama is a modern-day Marie Antionette for daring to take some time off in these current economic times. To compare Michelle the generally quiet First Lady to Antoinette, the often-misrepresented Queen of France who was known for  lavish lifestyle while the people of France starved is more than an over-statement, it’s just simply wrong. Yes, going to Hilton Head would’ve been cheaper than Spain, but at least she isn’t buying shoes and taking in Broadway shows during a natural & man-made disaster that killed and dislocated thousands of Americans. That was a truly Antoinette moment. I agree that exercising restraint is always good, but jealousy disguised as commentary is never in style.

At the end of the day, the larger issue is as the United States first minority First Family, everything that the Obamas do will be under triple the amount of scrutiny by those who are looking for anything to discredit both the Democratic administration and the integrity and validity of the Obamas and everything they represent. Tea Party anyone?

Here is a simple remedy for anyone who is more concerned with Michelle and Sasha’s holiday than what’s going on in their own lives: take a vacation.

PS. I totally think that the Michelle read Espana’s exploits and my posts from Spain and made the decision to go.

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