News Bites – Lady Gaga Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell Pose for i-D, Maxine Waters Squares Up for Fight + More

Lady Gaga, Kate Moss and Naomi “dirty stones” Campbell pose for i-D magazine. [HuffingtonPost]

Someone else tries to explain Rep. Maxine Waters’ ethical misconduct charges. [ColorLines]

SWAN DIVE! That new Old Spice ad that you love is reinventing the old ad agency Widen + Kennedy. [AdWeek]

LeBron James’ girlfriend doesn’t want him to be in Miami either. #jointheclub [People]

Just how racist was Aunt Jemima? Peep a collection of the company’s ads through the years. [Gawker]

ps. Just because I couldn’t believe this, here’s Montana Fishburne’s mother, Hajna Moss-Fishburne, who’s apparently supportive of her daughter’s porno debut. My mom would slap me in public and then bleed her knees praying for me if  I did this at almost 30-years-old. Had I been Montana’s age when I could still be snatched up? I shudder to think…

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