NewsBites – TV on iTunes, Egg Recall + More

Apple Inc is in talks with News Corp, Walt Disney and other media conglomerates to rent TV shows to viewers for 99 cents through iTunes. [Reuters]

She’s BAAAAACK! Kat Stacks accuses Soulja Boy of using cocaine. We’re feign surprise. [Clutch]

About half a billion eggs have been recalled because of  a salmonella outbreak. [CNN]

Through a skinny borehole from the surface, the 33 Chilean miners trapped more than 2,000 feet below the earth, receiving a gel-like substance to keep them alive. [NYT]

Bloomberg restated his support of the Ground Zero Mosque Tuesday night in front of a predominantly Muslim audience at the annual Ramadan Itfar dinner held at his mansion. [NY Mag]

Escalating violence in Mexico’s war on drugs may have agencies offering alternative tourism. [MSNBC]

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