Sicka x PLR – Seville Michelle Anastos’ Doorknocker Earrings

Before rappers started rhyming about Audemars Piguet watches and Beemers, Benzes and Bentleys, there was a simpler era when young girls created uniquely urban, b-girl inspired looks that were bold but beautiful — much like hip-hop itself. Bamboo earrings were as indispensable to this urban fly girl blueprint as Slick Rick’s eye patch was to his rap persona. Over the years, many of the other items associated with ’80s hip-hop fashion — from nameplate necklaces to acid wash jeans — have come in and out of style, but doorknockers have gone the distance (save, perhaps, for a brief period in the late ’90s when they lost some favor among urban trendsetters). In the last five years alone, we’ve seen everyone from British songbird Lily Allen to pop star Rihanna spearheading an ’80s style revival, rocking oversize gold earrings similar to those worn by pioneering female hip-hop acts like Salt-N-Pepa and Roxanne Shante.

But even with doorknockers being back on trend, those of us well past the mid-20s age mark may feel a bit foolish wearing the same earring style we favored in our late teens. Enter jewelry designer Seville Michelle Anastos‘ new collection of leather-wrapped doorknocker earrings, which update the classic style and give it an edgy makeover.

Born and raised in Astoria, Queens, Anastos launched her eponymous jewelry line in October 2009 with an introductory collection of epaulets, rockstar-flavored shoulder jewelry pieces with beaded or chain fringe. Now, inspired by her own love of bamboo earrings and her desire to make them a bit more mature, Anastos launched her collection of handmade doorknockers, which consists of earring frames in diamond, triangle, heart, oval, and hoop shapes, all hand-wrapped in strips of supple black, white, gold, or metallic fuchsia leather and finished with matching strips of cord.

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