Spark a Flame with OS Candles

Don’t you just love sugar? Admit it, even though it is terribly bad for you – the smell of warm, raw, fresh sugar is something Dominican, Cuban, Haitian and other tropical Parlouristas know quite well, but for those who want a little azucar in our lives 24/7 may need to hop over to OS Candles and pick up the sugar scented pillar. I’ve been burning my mini since our anniversary party and I’m hooked. The smell is powerful so you don’t have to burn it for hours until the scent envelopes the room and it’s not “over” scented, ie. hitting you in the face. The candles are soy-based and non synthetic, making them light, crisp and clean. Owner, Leesa Brunson started the line after her successful interiors business took off, turning her love of candles into a great venture. Proof that the “sweet smell of success” is indeed real, other scents include ‘Lounge,’ and ‘Sand,’ so pick your style and light up!

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