True Blood, Are Your Diamond Slippers Chafing?

Happy Monday ladies as you know Russell is a zinger with the quotes! Well, Russell and Debbie whose use of the phrase “Bitch please” deserves a clap each time. Anyway, in this episode of the melodrama “True Blood” entitled “Night on the Sun” there was enough going on in the last 20 minutes to make up for the lull in the beginning of the show. Let’s get into it!

Russell you’re acting like a century old child

So after Russell decides to chase after Sookie who’s escaped his clutches, his husband Talbot throws a tantrum and starts breaking the King’s precious possessions. Eric sees his chance to do whatever he’s been planning and offers himself up to Talbot as a living breathing sex toy. Russell thanks him and dips to kill Sookie and co. So when Russell’s about to kill Bill, Eric stakes Talbot (instead of hitting it from the back which Talbot was hoping for) and Russell immediately flies back home, we assume. The end of Talbot is a shame because he was so entertaining! But it’s all worth it to see Eric topless. #win

Well, Hooker, you got a death wish?

Tara’s got PTSD from her ordeal with crazy ass Franklin but she won’t talk about it with anyone. So instead she storms around having flashbacks, calling Sookie a “dumb bitch” (we would’ve told her that too though, to be honest) and crying into Sam’s strong shoulders. We want Tara to win, but damn, her story’s harder than Celie’s in “The Color Purple.” Can she get her Shug already?

LaLa they coming for you!

Alfre woodard as Lafayette’s mother is awesome. Can’t say that enough and the crazy thing is she’s right. The vamps, witches (we see you Holly the new waitress) and cats and dogs are coming for Lala. Really they’re coming for everyone so…. and what’s the significance of the deity Alfre threw at LaLa? Anyone? Too bad Jesus is the only one that notices her foreshadowing. But her saying “where the clicker?” was hilarious. Obviously Lala finally getting some real love from Jesus is a win. Still, I think this’ll end bad for Jesus unless he’s got a stash of voodoo to use when Lala’s in trouble…

Jessica: No way. Bill: Way.

Bill and Sookie breaking up all dramatic in the episode’s beginning only to feverishly bone at the episode’s end like porno stars is teaching us what? Violence makes people randy right? Of course! But seriously folks, I still with that Sookie got it in with Alcide but I also wish he wasn’t such a punk. The Alcide of the novels was ride of die but this guy? While he’s hot, he’s just not that effective as a wolf so what’s the point?

Wrap it up, B

Ultimately, I’m looking forward to the showdown in Jackson between Russell and Eric. Obviously Eric will win because he’s crucial to the show but it’ll be fun to see how it all happens. As for Sam and lil’ Tommy, like Tara, he’s got PTSD except his makes him want to fight everyone and we’re going to need it because Crystal is trying to start the Bon Temps version of the Trojan war by picking Jason over Felton.

Now, let’s all wave bye to Alcide… until later?


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