Video Break: M.I.A., Wiz Khalifa & The Cool Kids

First up is M.I.A. with a trippy, South Asian influenced video (for real this time) for “XXXO”, then our baby bro Wiz Khalifa with “Never Been,” and then The Cool Kids go back to 1997 with “Gold Links.”  A wonderful way to procrastinate the day away….It’s an afternoon video extravaganza! Check It.

I totally have had this dream before, although mine’s also included a Soul Train line. Totally with Maya would glam it up like this a bit more….

Look it’s our adopted little brother Wiz! Hills and I really want to give him a sandwich and a haircut but we love him still. The video however? We’re on the fence…

Still waiting on Will Smith & Jazzy Jeff to show up in a Cool Kids video. Is that weird?

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