Why Queen Latifah’s Sexual Orientation is None of Our Business

Sometimes I write for other places like Aol’s theBVX and here’s my bit for today: On Friday, an image surfaced of Queen Latifah and her rumored long-time lover Jeanette Jenkins hugging on a yacht near France. The two were celebrating the nuptials of Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz but ended up reigniting the rumor mill: Is Queen gay? If so, why doesn’t she just come out?

I’ll admit I am a fan of transparency. Mostly because many people who are heterosexual and homosexual are transparent, whether they know or admit it, so why keep up the charade? I promise, the people closest to you already know your orientation. No, really, they do and they probably love you unconditionally. If they don’t, well, that’s something they need to work out by themselves but you can’t let them dictate your personal life. But I digress…

Despite my opinion, I’m clear that being gay is not something society takes lightly, especially when the person in question is black, let alone a bankable Hollywood star. In the case of Queen Latifah, the photo above only confirms what many have speculated about the MC since her turn as Cleo in “Set It Off” but still it’s not our business to out Dana.

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