Jay-Z, Warren Buffett Cover Forbes + More

Jay-Z and billionaire investor Warren Buffett are on the cover of Forbes “400 Richest People In The World” issue. They even traded stock tips.

“Thinking independently and looking for truth are key to success in both careers, said Buffett, a fixture on the Forbes list, and Jay-Z, cited by Forbes as likely to make the list by 2015.

“When you come to a conclusion you have to really not care what other people say. Just follow the facts and your reasoning,” Buffett said, adding he learned to think of a stock “not as something with a ticker symbol that wiggles around but to think about it as part of a business.”

Buffett, known as the “Oracle of Omaha” for his successful investments, said he learned, “Don’t get elated because something had gone up or depressed because it went down.”

Listening to Buffett in the interview, Jay-Z said, “I could just hear all the similarities and all the things in what he’s saying, right?”

“Because if you don’t look at the tickers, you’re really just searching for the truth within all the numbers and all the chaos,” he said. “And that’s the key to being a recording artist. You’re telling your story or finding your truth.”

[Necole Bitchie/Reuters]

Forbes estimates that Zuckerberg is now worth $6.9 billion, putting him seven spots above Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who is estimated to be worth $6.1 billion, ranking 42 on Forbes’ list. [Mashable]

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