Lady Gaga Doesn’t Help ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ + More

Despite support from Lady Gaga and the several animals she wore to the MTV Video Music Awards, members of the Senate voted to disallow discussion on a defense bill that includes a repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

“CNN reports that 56 senators voted to dissolve the Republicans’ filibuster on the bill, a number that is four short of the 60 needed to open the legislation up for debate. Actually, as many Republicans are arguing, its precisely a dearth of debate that inspired their “no” votes. “Since the repeal provision is now part of the base military bill, opponents of a repeal would need the support of 60 senators to remove it—an unlikely prospect,” The New York Times reports, explaining later, “[Senate Majority Leader Harry] Reid had effectively invited Republicans to block the bill by announcing beforehand that there was simply no time to finish debate on the military authorization bill and that it would have to be completed after the election.” [Vanity Fair]

In an unexpected move, the Philadelphia Eagles named Michael Vick their starting quarterback on Tuesday evening. [USA Today]

Denver Broncos wide receiver Kenny McKinley was found dead Monday afternoon in a Colorado home. [CNN]

Two Georgia men have filed a lawsuit claiming that prominent Atlanta, Georgia, Bishop Eddie Long coerced them into sex. [CNN]

After it racked up some 7.1m viewers over two broadcasts on Sunday night, HBO has ordered another go-around of their Prohibition drama, Boardwalk Empire, after only one episode. [Gawker]

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