NewsBites: Obama’s Iraq Speech, Les Nubians Return? + More

U.S. President Obama announced that the Iraq war is all but over, with America beginning a troop removal, leaving only security forces to aid stabilizing the government. Do you believe the seven year war is really over? Peep the full speech after below. [BO]

DUDE! Les Nubians were the soundtrack to my sophomore year in college, now the ladies may return with a new album this month. RAWK. [AfriPOP!]

We support all things Big K.R.I.T. here, download “If I Should Die” here -> [OnSmash]

Former U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair said in his new memoir that former U.S. President Bush had “immense simplicity in how he saw the world.” Shots fired? [CNN]

“Preemptive removal of breasts or ovaries in women with two common breast cancer genes can sharply reduce the risk of contracting cancer and dying, even if a woman has already been diagnosed with breast cancer, a new study confirms.” [LAT]

Welcome to Fall ladies! Still trying to your wardrobe together? Peep our boot picks to get you started 😉

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