NewsBites: Oil Spill’s Hefty Price Tag, US Open Fight + More

While still drilling a relief well in the Gulf of Mexico, BP has been adding up the total cost of its environmental catastrophe this summer. Of the $8 billion BP has spent so far, $399 million went to claims. [Gawker]

It’s getting real in the field… er, court. Two people got in a fight during a US Open tennis match in NYC, resulting in a slapped woman, tumbling older man and the crowd jumping the foul mouth instigator. Naturally, it’s on video. [Gothamist]

California passed a new anti-paparazzi law on Tuesday that will implement harsher penalties for photographers found breaking traffic laws or interfering with the operation of a celebrity’s car while in pursuit of a photo. [EW]

In the wake of his Wednesday night arrest for suspicion of possession of a controlled substance, T.I.’s lawyers said they are not sure whether the ATL rapper will head back to prison. [MTV News]

A survivor of a massacre in Mexico that left 72 dead is advising other would-be migrants to stay at home to avoid a fate like the one his companions met. [CNN]

Leaders of the Majlis Ash-Shura of Metropolitan New York, an Islamic leadership council that represents a broad spectrum of Muslims in the city, gathered on the steps of City Hall to issue a statement calling for a stop to religious intolerance and affirming the right of the center’s developers to build two blocks north of the site of the 2001 terrorist attacks. [USA Today]

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