Parlour’s BK BBQ: Deuces Summer

We did it! What exactly did we do? Well, we recently got our besties, contributors, supporters, writers and exciters together in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park for our last 2010 BBQ to say peace to summer and toast our snazzy new website redesign (you like?). Complete with an iPod Boom Box, the guy who brought a fitted sheet as a picnic blanket (you had to be there, look at picture #56) and a great grill-man, it was a lovely Saturday with the Parlour familia. Check out our summer silliness above courtesy of Love44, Mack and yours truly.

Were you there?

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  • That fitted sheet. Comedy.

  • I love love LOVE the new site. It’s so crisp. Regardless of how ‘un-chic’ I may feel, Parlourmag makes me feel like I’m “in there”…like I’m stylish…like I’m instantly connected. It brings back my cool factor. The writing is witty as always. The colors…damn are just….vibrant. I adore the pic #38 (I think) of the couple…I want to put it on my wall…it just oozes summer and sweet kisses. Good job, Family. Kudos, Brownie points, thumbs up, Elephant Hugs (Bitting) and roar from the crowd.

    xoxo Janean / ATL